Migrant Crisis & Crime (July 12, 2019 Edition): Germany: Woman (41) lured into asylum center and raped by a Nigerian refugee (32) – Austria: African stabs doctor because he heard voices in his head. – Switzerland: Syrian (14) attacks his teacher (62) and breaks her jaw. – Algerian soccer fans celebrate with riots and looting in Paris. – Las Vegas Shooting BOMBSHELL: Women Discussed Vegas Massacre, “Shooting Fish in a Barrel” Shortly Before Shooting, Says Final Report – Undocumented ‘Black Vest’ migrant protesters occupy Pantheon in Paris, demand papers (VIDEOS) – A Nigerian migrant smashed up cars outside an asylum center in Bayern, Germany on Wednesday. – Germany will not deport the families of five gang rapist (12-14) of a woman (18) – Man Found In Stolen Vehicle… With Uranium, Rattlesnake, & Whiskey During Oklahoma Traffic Stop – Study: Half of Germans see Islam as threat – Paris awards Captain Caroline Rackete and Pia Klemp the highest medal of the city. They endangered Italian military to bring illegals into Italy. – Germany: Social Democrats want to kick bestseller Thilo Sarrazin out of the party for his criticism of Islam. – Germany: Cologne police are looking for these two men for their involvement in the stabbing of a 30-year-old man. – African Immigrants are being organized by Progressive Antifa, Anarchist, Communist LGBT groups in France and mobilized to occupy ancient relics of western civilization

Total enrichment…

So it was a migrant, as expected…


Looks like Germans had enough Muslim migrants…

Can’t even criticize the religion of peace…

…so much for FREE SPEECH!


* * *

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