Migrant Crisis & Crime (June 20, 2019 Edition): Vast Majority of Rejected Asylum Seekers Not Leaving Europe – Saudi Arabia cancels death sentence against teen who led protests at the age of 13 years – Former vice president of Walt Disney sentenced in Portland child sex abuse – WATCH | Shocking scenes at Westfield Shopping Centre in London as a gang of 100 youths attack police officers following reports of a robbery.

H/T reader Squodgy:

“So, even those rejected migrants considered too radical, or unbalanced or violent to integrate into western society, are not effectively expelled.
The authorities and enforcers, paid to protect our interests are being over-ruled by sinister forces.
Meanwhile street crime, rapes, knifing, gang murder and so on continue to rocket.
Cultural enrichment my arse, cultural destruction more like.”

* * *

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