Migrant Crisis & Crime (June 14, 2019 Edition): Memphis: Mobs Riot After Police Shoot ‘Wanted Violent Felon’ Who Said Cops ‘Gone Have to Kill Me’ – Ex-Norwegian minister faces 12 years for luring male refugee into sex through ‘friendship with king’ – Salvini receives go-ahead to begin restricting migrant transport NGOs in Italy – Meanwhile in Germany… – Mexico’s Top Immigration Official Resigns As Asylum-Returns Soar After AMLO-Trump Crackdown – 5,200 people in ICE custody quarantined for exposure to mumps or chicken pox – College Student Went Undercover to Catch Pedophiles and Nabbed a Decorated Cop – Germany: How to fake statistics to claim more right-wing crime – Geert Wilders is against letting in Caliphate children into the Netherlands and calls them Islamic time bombs.

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