Migrant Crisis & Crime (June 9, 2019 Edition): Germany: Greens and Social Democrats(SPD) against minimum sentences for knife attacks – Germany: Two 11-year-old boys brutally robbed by “Southern/African” teens (14-15) in Oberhausen. – Dying Inmate Admits To Killing 93 Women; Would Be Most Prolific Serial Killer In US History – Eyewitness saw a second shooter firing an “automatic high-powered rifle” outside Route 91 venue on 1 October, FBI documents reveal – Germany: Celebration of a Turkish wedding party in the Bavarian Eichstätt: After the obligatory car parade a road was blocked. Pyrotechnics and pro-Erdogan slogans rounded off the wedding party. – Germany: This Lebanese from the usual diversity and enrichment makes fun of the stupidity of the Germans! He explains, look at my car, clock, clothes and my shopping, we Lebanese all live from the job center (social welfare) – Germany: One of Merkel’s popular refugees smashes the windows of a Berlin BVG bus and attacks the bus driver.


Go back to Turkey and Sultan Erdogan…




You really can’t make this stuff up!!!…



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