Soaklahoma, Kangaroos Freeze in Australia & US Corn Assessment (Video) – #GSM #GrandSolarMinimum #ClimateChange #GlobalCooling #Agriculture

Sunchokes are very healthy and grow like an invasive weed and after you’ve thought that you’ve harvested all of them, they will still grow back the next year and many gardeners hate them for that, but what to some appears to be a curse will turn out to be a blessing when the SHTF.

I highly recommend to grow many edible (wild) plants all around your safe place, especially those that are rich in minerals, vitamins and calories and are of medicinal use.

It is also advisable to grow plants, like sunchokes, that uneducated people can’t easily identify.

Learn about edible wild plants and about what plants (“survival plants”) are important in a survival situation and plant them all around your garden/safe place.

If you haven’t done so, then educate yourself about all of this NOW, because this knowledge might save your life!

All the best.

I. U.


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