Migrant Crisis & Crime (May 28, 2019 Edition): You Know It’s BAD When: London Somalis Sending Teens Back To Africa To Escape Stabbings – Warzone: 42 People Shot In Chicago Over Memorial Day Weekend – A company cuts it’s R&D budget by $300 million to spend that money on ‘encouraging diversity’. I bet they will get an awesome return on that ‘investment’! – The Welfare State Is Tearing Sweden Apart – Germans Urged to Wear Jewish Yarmulke in Show of Solidarity – Bannon-Led Border Wall Group Unveils Mile-Long Segment On Private Property – Islamic invasion Netherlands. – Ramadan Rage: Casualties Exceed 1,000 at End of 3rd Week: 531 Deaths, 556 Injuries

Diversity is strength and war is peace…

And more from the ‘Religion Of Peace’…

Let her live in the Moria migrant camp or in Malmö for a while…

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