Migrant Crisis & Crime (May 22, 2019 Edition): Hannah Cornelius (21) was gang raped and beaten to death with bricks in Cape Town. For some reason this was not international news. – Islamic Terrorism in Europe Increased by 725 Percent, Report Shows – WHAT THE HELL? Teens who stabbed schoolboy then filmed him dying on Snapchat jailed for 71 years – Salvini: ‘Extremists’ Merkel, Macron and Junker betrayed Europe in the name of finance, multinationalism, and mass immigration – Sweden Investigating Criminalizing Runes, Thor’s Hammer & Other Norse Symbols

Some of it came from the Mossad, the CIA, MI6 and Operation Gladio…

TPTB brought all those aggressive young male migrants into Europe just before the (planned) financial collapse and planned civil war.

Probably just a coincidence…NOT!!! TPTB want to create a MAXIMUM of damage/depopulation.



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