World News (May 11, 2019 Edition): US Special Forces Command Issues New Guide For Overthrowing Foreign Governments – Is America Ready For John Bolton’s War With Iran? (#WW3) – Bitcoin Soars Above $7,000 As Crypto Comeback Continues – Left Unveils New Plan To Allow Cancellation Of Student Loans In Bankruptcy – 2006 Biden: ‘We Need A Border Wall’ And To ‘Punish American Employers’ Who Hire Illegals – Go Ahead And Smoke, Drink And Eat Whatever You Want: Norway’s Public Health Minister – China Lists The Three Conditions To Agree To Trade Deal – Silicon Valley Giants Collaborate With The US Government On Venezuela – Trump’s New Tariff Will Cost Americans About $800 Per Household, By One Estimate – Making America Great Again (Obama, Bush & Clinton Style): Assault Ship, Marines, and Patriot Missile Battery Deployed For “Iran Readiness” – ‘Game change’: S. Korea to create robots resembling humans & animals for future wars – Poll: Farage’s Brexit Party gearing up for landslide victory in EU election as Tories sink – Guaido tells supporters he wants ‘direct relationship’ with Pentagon – Former Dem Candidate Calls on Women to Stop Having Sex With Conservatives – Trump Administration Charges Drone Whistleblower With Allegedly Violating Espionage Act

Right at that moment, when I wanted to post the updates for May 11, the website failed again…

“Error establishing a database connection”

…and because I couldn’t save the draft anymore some news might be missing.

Hopefully everything is there.


…and what could possibly go wrong?

Just like under ‘Obama bin Bush’…

Truth is treason…

* * *

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