Migrant Crisis & Crime (April 21, 2019 Edition): Russian security chief: “1,500 ISIS terrorists have made their way to Europe from the Middle East” – FBI Arrests Leader Of Armed Militia Rounding Up Migrants At Southern Border – Bombs Kill Hundreds in Sri Lankan Churches, Hotels on Easter Sunday – Sri Lanka: Two Muslims identified as attackers in Easter jihad massacres – Imam Mohamad Tawhidi: The terrorist behind one of the bombings in Sri Lanka was an Islamist Extremist Imam and preacher by the name of Moulvi Zahran Hashim (with many lectures online and YouTube, makes you wonder why YT never banned him for his terrorist ideology) – Notre Dame Ablaze: Israeli Rabbi Says Jews Obligated to Burn Down Churches – Surge in Muslim migration sees spike in attacks on Christians in France – Germany: The whole asylum insanity in the left-wing Hamburg. An entire district and residential areas only for so-called (economic-) refugees – Australian police forces are crawling with corrupt ‘sleeper agents’ ready to help their gangster relatives get major drug shipments into the country

The real number is much, much higher than that…











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