Migrant Crisis & Crime (April 20, 2019 Edition): Girl (19) is burned alive by her classmates for accusing her principal of sexual harassment in Bangladesh – Germany: Syrian (18) stabs a man (18) in the back in Berlin – Germany: Man (46) stabbed and in critical condition in Hamburg. The police are looking for a “South East European” man (18) – WATCH: Cop Tasers Innocent Man in the Back Then Asks Fellow Cops to Help ‘Make Up Charges’ – PayPal Blacklists United Constitutional Patriots After They Helped Catch Illegal Aliens Entering U.S. – Dutch politician wants halal beach in The Hague, says “Muslims feel uncomfortable with scantily clad, ugly people” – Anti-mass migration populist Vox party banned from Spanish TV debates

The ‘Religion Of Peace’…






The first part of the video is NOT Copenhagen, the second part is….


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