Migrant Crisis & Crime (March 14, 2019 Edition): Cultural enrichment in Finland: Iraqi migrant beats, kills, dismembers, cooks and paints friend’s bones after argument – Germany is Covering Up Migrant Crime to Protect Merkel’s Open Borders Agenda – Study Shows Migrants Use Almost Twice The Welfare Benefits As Native-Born Americans – Denmark in a State of Unreported Collapse – While Everyone Sleeps, The Courts Are Abolishing All Immigration Enforcement – Frank Cali, Reputed Gambino Crime Family Boss, Is Killed In N.Y. Attack – Police Finally Test Old Rape Kits and 1,000 Rapists (Who’ve Been Walking Free) Were Arrested – Germany: Enrichment! German boy is beaten unconscious by one of the usual migrant youth.



Cutting the throats of his own children…






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