Migrant Crisis & Crime (March 7, 2019 Edition): Germany: 21-year-old woman murdered by her 22-year-old Tunisian boyfriend in Worms – German police failed to probe THOUSANDS of tip-offs on refugees suspected of war crimes – Germany: Mainstream media silent after “Southern” migrants sexually harass and beat 25-year-old woman into coma – Germany: Facebook censors former Chancellor Helmut Schmidt (SPD) quote: “If this continues, there will be murder and manslaughter, because there are too many foreigners with us” – Germany: Man (40) from Kosovo arrested after attempted murder of his 24-year-old ex-girlfriend in Fellbach – Dutch professor: “No Western country has managed to successfully integrate Muslims” – What a leader: London mayor Sadiq Khan rolls his eyes and says ‘I’ve done all I can’ as he’s grilled over his failure to tackle knife crisis








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