Migrant Crisis & Crime (Feb. 16, 2019 Edition): German police is hiding facts about migrant crime statistics “to preserve civil peace” – Germany: Two Arabs (30) dragged a woman (26) into the dark in Leipzig and attempted to rape her – Sweden Prosecuting Pensioners, Welcoming ISIS – Former head of German Intelligence Hans-Georg Maaßen: Migration still not under control – Germany: Eritrean asylum seeker (27) assaults at least six people at random in Augsburg – Germany: 100-year-old woman robbed by a “Southern” man in Bochum – Austria: Eighth murder of a woman (48) in Vienna. The Bosnian perpetrator (53) executed the Serbian woman (48) in the middle of street by shooting her in the head – Germany: Nigerian “refugee”, who committed more than 100 crimes finally in deportation detention – ‘You Lie, You Die’: Cops Admit to Lying About Raid that Left Innocent Couple Murdered







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