Migrant Crisis & Crime (Jan. 8, 2019 Edition): Graphic: Chairman Of Germany’s Far-Right Party Brutally Beaten Within Inch Of His Life In “Assassination Attempt” – Germany: Police attacked with iron bars and kicked on the floor by ten men (18-36) in Augsburg – Football Coach Killed in Car Crash Day Before Child Sex Abuse Trial – Austrian media: Most of German media is downplaying sex crimes by Afghans on New Year’s Eve in Germany – Germany: Sleeping Czech man (22) pulled out of his car by three black African men, beaten and robbed in Wiesbaden – Germany: Woman (18) harassed to have intercourse by a black man (25) in Munich – Spain: This is the 18-year-old rapist of a 14-year-old girl in Algeciras – Gun Ownership Surges In Europe Amid Wave Of Terror Attacks, Migrant Crime



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