Migrant Crisis & Crime (December 10, 2018 Edition): Austria, Steyr: Afghan Migrant Stabs 16-Year-Old Girl To Death In Her Own Room – Germany, Cologne: Dead 2-Year-Old Girl Discovered in Refugee Home – Syrian ‘refugee’ accused of sexually abusing two children in Austria – United States government again warns against signing UN migration pact: It will lead to a loss of sovereignty – Queen’s Driver Dies After Admitting to Raping Children in Buckingham Palace – Italy: Shocking numbers reveal more than 60 percent of migrants receive a free pension having never paid into the system – Greek party opposes UN Migration Pact: ‘Greece belongs to the Greek’


H/T reader squodgy:

“Diversionary psyop. Makes you sick.
Get a scapegoat who can’t defend himself.

Remember the Goddard Inquiry was scuppered, and nothing has been done to get it going, all the child abuse and paedophilia has conveniently swept under the carpet, and the general public have all but forgotten.”


Doctors and engineers…

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