No Updates On Friday, Saturday & Sunday

I’m taking a break.

* * *

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3 thoughts on “No Updates On Friday, Saturday & Sunday”

  1. Have some well earned fun and a lot of chillin’.
    Hopefully Podesta will be arrested by the time you get back, and the riots will have been orchestrated.

  2. Save this image and possibly send it to some other people or publish it as suitable
    (the more people have it in hands, the less is chance that (((they))) will get rid of it)
    It would be fair to not alter my texts on it…

    Meanwhile, I publish my book and two scientific papers here:
    Especially “Topology of the curved space-time universe” could be interesting…
    (The Book will be translated to english some time later, it will take more years probably…)

    It is quite possible, that the site will be blocked soon…


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