World News (May 7, 2018 Edition): Israel Will ‘Eliminate’ Assad if He Continues to Let Iran Operate From Syria, Minister Warns (#WW3) – George Soros’ Right Hand Man Arrested For Rape And Human Trafficking

‘Crass morons’ = carefully selected (not elected) Illuminati puppets.

Israel Will ‘Eliminate’ Assad if He Continues to Let Iran Operate From Syria, Minister Warns

Stephen Hawking’s Last Words: We Live In ‘The Matrix’?:

Before he passed away in March, renowned physicist Stephen Hawking had published more than 230 articles on the birth of the universe, black holes and quantum mechanics. But, ten days before his death, Hawking finished his final theory on the origin of the universe  – now published posthumously – and it offers an interesting departure from earlier ideas about the nature of the “multiverse.”

Tesla Admits It May Need More Capital, Reveals $300MM In Sales Came From Accounting Change

US Navy Resurrects Its Cold War-Era Atlantic Fleet To Counter Russia

Ex-Venezuela Oil Boss: PDVSA Is Collapsing:

The man who ran Venezuela’s state oil company PDVSA for a decade after 2004 says that the country’s oil firm is on the cusp of total collapse and expects oil production to drop by 600,000 bpd each year amid lack of investment.

The latest left-wing ecological insanity: Clear-cutting forests to burn the trees for “green” energy

Tommy Robinson at #DayForFreedom: ‘I’m Taking Twitter to Court to Prove Facts Are Now Treated as Hate’:

Activist Tommy Robinson has told the #DayForFreedom free speech rally in London that he’s taking Twitter to court, to prove the social media giant is treating “facts” as “hate” at the behest of a censorious British government.

Putin Sworn In For Another Six Years As Russian President “To Serve The People And The Fatherland”:

Vladimir Putin was sworn in for another six-year term as Russian president, his fourth, buoyed by popular support but weighed down by the ongoing confrontation with the West, a fragile economy and uncertainty about the future.

– FYI: Munger Massacres “Scumbag, Immoral” Bitcoin Traders, Gates “Would Short It” If He Could:

Bitcoin is worthless artificial gold… It’s anti-social, stupid and immoral…it’s as bad as trading freshly harvested baby brains…”

Mueller Investigation In Jeopardy As “Witch Hunt” Accusations Play Out In Court

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