#GrandSolarMinimum Update 5/5/18 – Massive 6.9 Strikes Hawaii – State Of Emergency Declared – Swiss Snow Record (Video)


“These dots represent all-time record Antarctic sea ice thickness ever recorded.”

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5 thoughts on “#GrandSolarMinimum Update 5/5/18 – Massive 6.9 Strikes Hawaii – State Of Emergency Declared – Swiss Snow Record (Video)”

  1. The Grand Solar Minimum theory is equally as convincing as the Incoming Planetary System theory.
    Nobody knows for sure but both theories conveniently explain current weather, climate, volcanic, tectonic and atmospheric events and inconsistencies.
    Presumably one will be correct, but whichever one it is, is irrelevant as we have no future with either.


    • To squodgy,

      an incoming planetoid has been predicted by many seers (who foresaw the 3 Days of Darkness).

      So both theories will (probably) be correct.

  2. In central Europe, March has been unusually cold, but then since start of April, the weather is unusually warm and dry, it’s almost like summer temperatures already.

    Recently I’ve seen a map showing April temperature anomalies globally, and while north America had 13°C colder temperatures than normal, Europe had 13°C warmer temperatures than normal. (Not sure about exact numbers, it was on TV weather report and I had just few seconds to study it)

    • To P.A.Semi,

      The earth’s north magnetic pole is racing towards Siberia….

      The source for this is the National Geographic:

      Earth’s North Magnetic Pole is Racing Toward Russia at Almost 64 Kilometers a Year Due to Core Flux

      (It could possibly end up here: Anadyr).

      As a side note:

      A very unusual beautiful spring has been predicted for Germany for the year when WW3 will take place, with a cold spell in early summer. The descriptions for Jan., Feb., March and April are much more detailed than what I am telling you here. March (and probably also January) does not fit the bill this year, so it’s probably not this year. Also the rivers are predicted to run very low on water during that year.


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