Top Secret: DoD Building $110 Million Drone Base In Niger – And Here Is Why That Is important In Connection With Planned #WW3

There are probably not too many websites to be found on the internet that will make this connection.

And those that warn about all of this will be laughed at and ridiculed, until it is too late (…as predicted!).

Below I’ve added some additional information about the “death strip”, that I did not post before.

Top Secret: DoD Building $110 Million Drone Base In Niger:

If you thought America’s overseas wars had reached their limit – think again.

The United States Department of Defense (DoD) is building a new $110 million drone base in Niger, adding to its existing footprint of more than 800 military bases in more than 70 countries, the Associated Press (AP) reports.

Recent satellite image of the new drone base in Agadez, Niger. (Source: Todras-Whitehill for The New York Times)

On Monday, the AP detailed in a report that the U.S. Air Force is constructing a base for weaponized drones, the newest front in America’s expanding foreign wars “against the growing extremist threat in Africa’s vast Sahel region.”

The drone base dubbed “Niger Air Base 201” resides a few miles outside the perimeter of Agadez, the largest city in central Niger, which was built at the request of Niger’s government. Three drone hangers and a leveled strip of smooth ground along which aircraft take off and land command a sandy, barren field, said AP. The base is expected to be functional early next year with fighter jets and General Atomics MQ-9 Reaper drones transferred from another base 590 miles away in Niamey.

As the disastrous legacy of U.S. military failure is more than evident today in the Middle East, it seems as America’s military leaders are about to test their luck, in perhaps, the next round of wars in West and North African countries. How is this “Making America Great Again”?


Well, it’s not about “Making America Great Again”.

It is all about preparing for planned and staged WW3 by TPTB, as predicted:

Alois Irlmaier foresaw (in around 1950!!!) drones (airplanes without pilots!!!) dropping a yellow powder, creating a death strip, during WW3…

Irlmaier said for example(translated from German):

“Now I see the earth like a ball in front of me, on which lines of planes emerge, which like swarms of white doves fly up from the sand…”

Now take a look, where the DoD is building this drone base! In the bloody desert!

What a great seer!!!

He described all of this in much more detail.

The following article is one of the view articles I could find in English.


The Prophecies Of Alois Irlmaier – The Roadmap To WW3 – The 3 Days Of Darkness (Worse Than WW3):

“The airplanes drop a yellow powder between the Black Sea and the North Sea.

(This version “between the Black Sea and the North Sea” is NOT verified. In all verified versions the yellow strip starts from Prague. And it is most probably NOT the North Sea, but the Baltic Sea: “From Prague…to the sea.” “From Czech Republic (German: Tschechei) to the NORTH it will get devoid of humans.” “The Golden City (Prague) is getting destroyed, there it will begin. Like a yellow strip it goes up to a city in the bay.” …like Kiel & Lübeck for example. – I. U.).

Thus a death strip is created, straight from the Black Sea to the North Sea, as wide as half Bavaria. In this zone no more grass can grow, let alone humans live.”

* * *

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22 thoughts on “Top Secret: DoD Building $110 Million Drone Base In Niger – And Here Is Why That Is important In Connection With Planned #WW3”

  1. At the Irlmaier translations linked above (below “Flashback” line), there is just “When the [b]golden city[/b] is destroyed, it begins”, and it is absolutely not mentioning “Prague”. Prague does not have a cognomen “Golden City”. Translations do not mention Czech either, and Czechoslovakia as a state does not exist any more.

    Prophecies of Alois Irlmaier are most notable in that they omit middle-east Beast of Israel, which did not exist yet in his time, and mention very little about USA, while it is most important war-monger of this time. It all concentrates arround what he could see at his times, the central Europe… So rather than “Prophecies” I’d call it “Visions”…

    Russian tanks in Europe also seem highly unprobable. Russia is very peaceful at these times, and ww3 (if any) would hardly be fought with tanks any more…

    • To P.A. Semi,

      Irlmaier said around 1950 in German: “Tschechei”, which means the Czech Republic, as you will soon see!

      I’ve changed the English translation to Czech Republic for you, but it makes no difference, except maybe for you.

      (Czechoslovakia – Tschechei – häufige, unpräzise Bezeichnung für Tschechoslowakei, 1945 – 1993)

      This is what he said, translate it for yourself:

      „ Kennst die Goldene Stadt? ” – „Ja, freilich, Prag. ” – „ Siegst as, der kennt ‘s! Und von dort
      zieht ein breiter Streifen hinauf bis ans Meer, da is alles hin, da kommt keiner ruber und hin-
      über. “
      ,.Zukunft des Abendlandes?”, 1986, Seite 186

      „Drei große Heereszüge seh’ ich in weiten Zangen bis zum Ruhrgebiet vorstoßen.
      Über dem großen Wasser da düben [Nordamerika, Anm. B.] da kommt der Ruß’
      noch hin. Von der Tschechei hinauf nach Norden wird’s menschenleer werden, dort
      wird ‘s grün und gelb niedergeh ‘n, sogar das Gras seh’ ich dort absterben.
      Kein Wurm, kein Strauch, kein Baum wird bleiben, alles werden sie vernichten, die
      großen weißen Tauben. Von den drei Heereszügen [der Russen, Anm. B.J wird kei-
      ner mehr die Heimat seh ‘n.

      Nach dem dritten Mord geht ‘s los! … Das ganze Land zwischen Donau und Rhein ist in Rauch
      gehüllt. In drei gepanzerten Keilen greifen sie an, von Ost nach West, von Berlin bis zur böhmi-
      schen Senke. Sie spitzen sich zu auf Ruhr und Rhein. Jetzt, jetzt kommen die weißen Vögel vom hei-
      ßen Sand… Sie kommen über die Alpen … Immer mehr… Armes Böhmen. Armes Prag. .. Sie wer-
      fen etwas ab, schaut aus wie Pakete, gelbe Pakete. Wo die hinfallen, da gibt es kein Leben mehr.
      Die Menschen liegen tot zwischen den Vögeln, die vom Himmel gefallen sind, auf den Straßen und
      Plätzen zwischen den Häusern, an denen keine Fensterscheibe gebrochen ist. …
      Das Fleisch fallt den Toten schwarz vom Gerippe.”

      Der Russe rennt in seinen drei Keilen dahin, sie halten sich nirgends auf Tag und
      Nacht rennen sie bis ans Ruhrgebiet, wo die vielen Öfen und Kamine stehen. Aber
      dann kommen die weißen Tauben [westliche Flugzeuge, Anm. B.] und es regnet auf
      einmal ganz gelb vom Himmel herunter. Eine klare Nacht wird es sein, wenn sie zu
      werfen anfangen. Die Panzer rollen noch, aber die Fahrer sind schon tot. Dort, wo
      es hinfällt, lebt nichts mehr, kein Mensch, kein Vieh, kein Baum, kein Gras, das wird
      welk und schwarz. Die Häuser stehen noch. Was das ist, weiß ich nicht und kann es
      nicht sagen. Es ist ein langer Strich. Wer darüber geht, stirbt. Von Prag geht ‘s hin-
      auf bis ans große Wasser an eine Bucht. In diesem Strich ist alles hin.
      „Blick in die Zukunft”, 1955, Seite 90 u. 91

      „Die fliegen über uns weg, brauchst aber koa Angst haben, bei uns Werfens nix runter. …
      Dann ßiegens nach Norden. In der Mitte steht ein Fleck, da lebt gar nix mehr, koa Mensch,
      koa Viech, koa Gras. “
      „Blick in die Zukunft”, 1950, Seite 37

      I guess that are enough references to Prague.

      As you see, everything alive on that yellow strip, humans, bushes, trees, even worms, will be dead.

      Prophecies, visions? He saw it like a movie, whatever you want to call that. Tanks in Europe highly ‘unprobable’?

      Yes, that is unlikely, but other seers have described how the future Russian tanks will look like and they exist, just as described, RIGHT NOW, whereas before the Russian tanks looked much different.

      WW3 will be a staged event, like WW1 and WW2 (which you do not believe), and has been planned a long time ago, which is why MANY, MANY seers all around the world foresaw what Irlmaier saw.

      Irlmaier is just one of many.

      You don’t like him (you’ve called him insane before) and you (most probably) live in the wrong place right now, if his predictions come true.

      The last time I’ve told you this (just to warn you) you’ve speculated (wrongly) where I live and told me that I live in a bad place as well.

      I did not reply to that. This is not about personal matters. This is about warning the world what is about to take place soon.

      There is not much time left.

      One possibility how things could play out is that Trump (or better a double or it will be a fake assassination) will get assassinated at a peace conference in Budapest and Pence will declare war on Russia and Russia will react immediately.

      At first it will be a conventional war (that will last about 3 months and will be stopped by the onset of massive earth changes, the 3 Days of Darkness, as predicted by MANY other seers all around the world. It will be enough to breathe a few times outside and one will drop dead.), but some time after the “yellow strip”, when the Russians will realize they will lose this war they will make use of nukes.

      As a side note: The sister of General Lucius D. Clay consulted Irlmaier. General Clay invited Irlmaier to meet him. He declined. The Americans offered him to come to America, where he could make a lot of money. He declined.

      So unlike Viktor Schauberger he could obviously see the future and you most probably know what I am hinting at.

      During WW2 you could show him a picture of any soldier and he could always tell you if that soldier was alive, well, injured and even if he would come home or not with 100% accuracy.

      Irlmaier did NOT want this ability and he NEVER bragged about it. He was a very simple, honest, very hardworking well builder and a Christian.

      He guranteed you success when you hired him to dig a well, or you got your money back (which never happened!).

      He even foresaw his own death.

      I have read the books about Irlmaier in the German original.

      • I don’t understand german much, but I do see the reference to Prague in this supplement to translations posted at link above… “Zukunft des Abendlandes?, 1986, Seite 186” – does it mean from year 1986? Did he live so long?

        As our president have said recently, many bad prophecies have already failed, when he has mentioned some climate alerts of melting poles before 2000, some Rome club economic forecasts, I do not remember exactly…

        But Irlmayer is clearly insane.

        The yellow powder strip is unphysical – chemical weapons are not produced (by large margin) in quantities necessary to make a swath from Prague to north sea of any significant width. (A side-note about me – I live in a rather safe upland valley, but most of my friends and relatives do live in Prague…)

        There was one thing good with Trump’s gesture strike against Syria recently – showing, that chemical weapons are not tollerated. US with largest stockpile of these chemical weapons would also need to think, how to disintegrate them. I even had a dream, that similar will happen to killer-drones one day, since many weapons (including nuclear and chemical and some bullet-types) were acceptable some day and became unacceptable later.

        The problem of WW3 will rather be biological weapons and diseases carried from Africa to Europe and USA. Another Ebola, artificially produced disease, will not be contained that easily as the prior one. Illuminati are planning to bury whole white population at some time (at year 2029).

        Your 3 days of darkness – if there would be so much dust in air to make darkness, it would take much longer than 3 days to settle down, and it would be no less poisonous when settled on the ground, if it was poisonous to breath. You mentioned somewhere more prophecies of these 3 days, but do they all mean dust-caused darkness?
        Some prophecies in Bible (part hidden in plain sight) write about two or three years of completelly failed crops. Also Revelation 16 is probably about consequences of large volcanic eruption, because beside dust in air and water, it mentions lava (blood of Earth) too.

        About tsunami writes also Revelation 18 and very specially marked Psalm 107, just it seems to be angel-caused, meaning naturally, not pilot-tossed bomb. And not clear, where it will happen.
        Then there is Gomorrah, which is just a greek mis-spelling, in original it is Am’rah, meaning Tyrannical, and books of Genesis are not a history, but archetypes and prophecies. Genesis 14 describes a war, that did not happen yet.

        Irlmayer limited his visions to what he could see arround him at that time: central Europe and Balkans, tank battles and chemical weapons, Russia against Germany. Seems like feeling bitter and revengeful for Germany loss of ww2. The world has changed since those times.

        • To P.A.Semi.only refers

          “Zukunft des Abendlandes?” is the source, published in 1986.

          ‘Seite’ means ‘page’. So this quote is found on p. 186.

      • And a popular hoax – pole shift. Cannot be mentioned without all-devastating earthquake. Also, the Earth’s gyroscope stores large amount of energy, so the impact, that would overcome it to change the axis, would also have to have that large amount of energy.
        It’s something different than magnetic reversal, which is not unprobable, it already happened more times in past. The magnetic poles are not at rotational poles anyway.
        As a side-note, pole-shift, that would shift Bavaria toward tropical latitudes, would shift America toward pole…

        • To P.A.Semi.

          Bavaria IS PREDICTED to shift towards tropical latitudes by Alois Irlmaier.

          Oranges and lemons will grow in Bavaria and two harvests per year will be possible.

  2. As I see now, “Golden City” is sometimes mentioned Prague, mostly in english-language sources for tourists. In english Wikipedia, there is this “Golden city” nickname mentioned, while in same section in Czech Wikipedia, there is nothing about gold, there are “Prague of hundred towers” and “Prague mother of cities” nicknames instead…
    Wikipedia lists another “Golden City” (among more others) – a Jerusalem…

    • To P.A.Semi,

      In Germany (where Irlmaier came from) Prague is very well known as the “Golden City” and I have been to all these places that are about to get destroyed (London, Paris, Prague, Budapest, Berlin, Frankfurt, etc.) many years ago.

      I know what I am talking about.

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    The final tally? NINETEEN life-size Empire State Buildings. If you’ve ever stood anywhere near this iconic skyscraper, you know how massive it is. It has a footprint of approximately two acres and is comprised of 102 stories; and we allow 19 times that amount of plastic – in teeny-tiny bits – to enter our oceans each year. It’s really pretty profound.

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