Russian envoy warns any U.S. missiles fired at Syria will be shot down

Russian envoy warns any U.S. missiles fired at Syria will be shot down:

Ambassador to Lebanon also said the source of missiles would also be targeted

Russia’s ambassador to Lebanon said any U.S. missiles fired at Syria would be shot down and the launch sites targeted, a step that could trigger a major escalation in the Syrian war.

Russian Ambassador Alexander Zasypkin, in comments broadcast on Tuesday evening, said he was referring to a statement by Russian President Vladimir Putin and the Russian armed forces chief of staff.

The Russian military said on March 13 that it would respond to any U.S. strike on Syria, targeting any missiles and launchers involved in such an attack. Russia is Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s most powerful ally.

The United States and its allies are considering whether to hit Syria over a suspected poison gas attack that medical relief organisations say killed dozens of people in the rebel-held town of Douma near Damascus on Saturday.

“If there is a strike by the Americans, then…the missiles will be downed and even the sources from which the missiles were fired,” Zasypkin told Hezbollah’s al-Manar TV, speaking in Arabic. He also said a clash “should be ruled out and therefore we are ready to hold negotiations.”

Russia and the United States blocked attempts by each other in the UN Security Council on Tuesday to set up international investigations into chemical weapons attacks in Syria.

U.S. President Donald Trump on Tuesday cancelled a planned trip to Latin America later this week to focus instead on responding to the Syria incident, the White House said. Trump had on Monday warned of a quick, forceful response once responsibility for the Syria attack was established.

Meanwhile, pan-European air traffic control agency Eurocontrol is warning airlines to exercise caution in the eastern Mediterranean due to the possible launch of airstrikes into Syria in next 72 hours.

Eurocontrol said that air-to-ground and cruise missiles could be used within that period and there was a possibility of intermittent disruption of radio navigation equipment.

The Eurocontrol warning on its website did not specify the origin of any potential missile threat.


And what could possibly go wrong????

War with Russia, anyone?

How many times have I told you that Trump, like Obama, the Bush’s, the Clinton’s, Kohl, Schröder, Merkel, Sarkozy, Hollande, Macron, Blair, Brown, Cameron, May, Xi Jinping and Putin (and Roosevelt, Churchill, Stalin and Hitler before), is a Freemason and an Illuminati puppet and that TPTB have WW3 planned for us???

Funny, that those seers who predicted all of this a very long time ago (many of them way over 100 years ago, like the for example Mühlhiasl/Stormberger in 1825), also predicted that those that warn about this will be ignored, ridiculed and silenced.

(They ‘forgot’ to mention that those that warn about all of this will also not be supported! …but that is of course the logical consequence of being ignored and ridiculed.)

All their predictions (social decay/apostasy, drones, smartphones, the migrant/immigration crisis, the Islamization of Europe, skyrocketing crime in Europe, inflation/high inflation/hyperinflation, financial/economic collapse, revolution/civil war and then WW3) have already come true or are well on their way, exactly as predicted.

I am not saying that WW3 will break out tomorrow.

Luckily for us, those seers have also predicted how events will unfold.

The outstanding German seer Alois Irlmaier foresaw this in around 1950…

“It will start with the Jews and the Arabs. There it will begin.”

– Alois Irlmaier

The Prophecies Of Alois Irlmaier – The Roadmap To WW3 – The 3 Days Of Darkness (Worse Than WW3):

“Everything calls peace, Schalom! Then it will occur – a new Middle East war suddenly flames up, big naval forces are facing hostiley in the Mediterranean – the situation is strained. But the actual firing spark is set on fire in the Balkan: I see a “large one” falling, a bloody dagger lies beside him – then impact is on impact. …”

The 3 Days of Darkness – #WW3

Seers Who Foresaw The 3 Days Of Darkness And #WW3

Albert Pike Predicted Three World Wars In 1871:

“The Third World War must be fomented by taking advantage of the differences caused by the “agentur” of the “Illuminati” between the political Zionists and the leaders of Islamic World. The war must be conducted in such a way that Islam (the Moslem Arabic World) and political Zionism (the State of Israel) mutually destroy each other.


* * *

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