YouTube Shooting Witness: “I Didn’t Have a Gun on Me, But Wish I Did” (Video)

Meanwhile, the left melts down over gun control…

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YouTube Shooting Witness: “I Didn’t Have a Gun on Me, But Wish I Did”:

A man who witnessed the shooting at YouTube’s San Bruno headquarters on Tuesday said he wished he had been carrying a gun when the shooting occurred.

“I didn’t have a gun on me, but wish I did,” said the man, who was ordering food across from the company’s headquarters when the shooting began.

“I knew I had to be smart. You’ve got to be fast. You’ve got to think fast.”

Police confirmed that the female shooter, who has not been named, was not a YouTube employee and didn’t know anyone at the company.  Witnesses say the shooting broke out at an employee party, which is thought to be how the woman may have gained access to the building.

It didn’t take long before the YouTube shooting turned political. After journalist Jack Posobiec tweeted an official report from a local Bay Area news outlet listing the shooter as a “white, adult female wearing a dark top and head scarf,” blue-checked Twitter users performed quick mental gymnastics to arrive at the conclusion that conservatives are “spreading vile conspiracies that ANTIFA is behind the YouTube HQ shooting.” 

Apparently ABC7 was in on it too…

Others made tasteless jokes:

Gamergate figure Briana Wu decided to use the shooting to promote her congressional campaign.

And some simply wished that Trump voters were all dead, ideally murdered by drowning in molten gun metal.

Naturally, it didn’t take long before the NRA got the blame – including from “blue checked” Democrats such as New York State Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz.

The formerly famous Alyssa Milano got in on the action;

And as we previously reported, prominent California politicians wasted no time turning this into a gun control issue before the shooter’s body was even cold.

And somehow it’s Russia’s propaganda that is the source of daily outrage.

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