My Go-To Folding Saw For The Wilderness – What’s My Favorite Saw For The Outdoors? (Survival Russia Video)


Siberian Log Fire: Complete Guide To The Most Efficient Camp Or Survival Fire Ever (Video) – Reality Of Survival: Below Freezing, No Shelter No, Sleeping Bag (Video)

Silky saws are great.

If you buy them via the provided links, then I. U. is getting a small commission from Amazon.

The prize for you stays the same.


BIGBOY 2000 (Reasonable set)


Silky Saw GOMBOY 298-30

Silky Saw GOMBOY 298-27

Silky Saw GOMBOY 298-24

Silky Saws 717-24 GomBoy Curve Professional Folding Saw, 240mm, Yellow

– GOMBOY 240 Medium Teeth 121-24 (Reasonable set)

Silky New Professional Series GOMBOY Curve Folding Saw 210mm Large Teeth, 717-21


Silky Saw 340-13 – Pocketboy 130 Foldable Saw (MED Teeth)

Silky Saws PocketBoy Curve Professional Folding Saw 170mm Large Teeth – 726-17

Silky Saws PocketBoy Curve Professional Folding Saw 130mm Large Teeth – 726-13

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