Infinite Unknown Could Be A Wonderful All Benefitting Project

In March I. U. received about $143 in donations of $600 needed for April.

$143 : $20 = 7 ‘full days’ (meaning like before) + $3 of posting in April.

After those 7 days I will shift into ‘preservation mode’ (5 to max. 10 posts per day), hoping that more readers will find I. U. worthy of their support in April, which will determine how many ‘full days’ I will be able to post in May.

If there would be at least 100 readers donating $6 in monthly recurring donations (which can be easily set up with PayPal), then I could continue as before and each of those readers would get a full month of information for just $6 (and I. U. really could be a wonderful all benefitting project).

This would give me $600 in support, which is now (after 10 years of doing I. U.) my absolute minimal requirement for continuing as before.

In my opinion, a project/website like I. U. does save its readers a lot of time consuming daily research.

Let’s see what will happen in April.

All the best.

I. U.

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