US Air Force likely to cut F-35 purchases over cost

US Air Force likely to cut F-35 purchases over cost:

The US Air Force is likely to slash its purchases of Lockheed Martin’s F-35 fighter jets to save money, a new study has revealed, a new threat to the costly program’s sustainability.

After complaining about the costly stealth aircraft’s delayed and problematic development, the USAF is now worried that the massive orders it has placed for the F-35 might hinder modernization and maintenance of its current fleet.

To do this, the USAF might be forced to cut the overall purchase by 38 percent, reducing the program’s working project of 1,763 jets by nearly one third, or 590 aircraft, Bloomberg reported, citing an internal USAF study.

Today, at least 270 F-35s are being operated by the USAF as well as the US Navy and the Marine Corps.

H/t reader eric:

“Common sense creeping in? I doubt it.”

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