10 Year Anniversary & Major Changes

I’ll keep this post on top, so that everyone knows what’s going on.


10 Years of Infinite Unknown!!!

Wow, what a journey it has been.

I’ve very much enjoyed it.

A big thank you to all of my readers who have supported Infinite Unknown during all these years.

“Thank you!!!”

Your support has always been much appreciated.


Dear readers,

I’ve asked many times for your support and said that I. U. “really” needs your support, but have become more silent recently, because nothing really changed.

I’ve done this for 10 years now, but I can’t keep it up for less than $1 per hour and I am especially sorry for readers S. M. and D. W., who donate every month, and also for all the others who have donated several times (or even just one time), that I will now (starting from April) have to reduce the daily amount of posts at Infinite Unknown.

Again, I’ve done this for ten years and (in my opinion) no one can say that I’ve easily given up.

And I will still not give up, but will continue to give and post maybe 5 to max. 10 posts per day.

During March I will continue to post articles as usual, celebrating the 10th anniversary, except for a few days where I’ve promised to help somebody.

Sadly, I will, from April onwards, not be able to post all those valuable links that some of you are sending me anymore.

However, if the website would earn over $600 a month, then I could continue like before and would have at least something to show for all the work and could use the money to prepare for what lies ahead and could continue to keep you updated on current world events and help you to prepare for what is coming.

$20 per day is really not much considering the amount of work involved.

In my opinion the website should really earn at least $1000 a month, but because I am still stubbornly not accepting all those offerings to plaster the website with advertisements & sponsored articles, when everybody else in the (alternative) media is doing it, with the exception of people like Paul Craig Roberts and myself, the website obviously does earn less than it could and that is why I am willing to continue like before for $600 per month.

I do not expect I. U. to ever earn over $1000 a month,…

…nor do I expect I.U. to earn $600 per month.

What if donations will not exceed $600?

I will give you a “full day” (meaning like before) for every $20 in donations.

What if I. U. would all of a sudden earn $1800 in one month?

Well, that is 3 months of work for you, of course.

Writing this has not been easy for me and it probably is a terrible timing, shortly before the coming financial/economic collapse, which will be followed by even much worse events, but it had to be done.

Remember this:

After all this unimaginable chaos ahead of us there will come a golden age.

All this chaos will not come to stay, it will come to pass.

All the very best for all of you.

I. U.


P.S. to readers S. M. & D. W.:

You may want to reconsider your monthly recurrent donations, as you will (probably, if not other readers will come up with support) not get what you used to get for your money anymore.

It is totally OK with me and totally understandable if you cancel your monthly recurrent donations.

Thank you again for all you have given!!!


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10 thoughts on “10 Year Anniversary & Major Changes”

  1. Well, it had to come Tom.
    I knew from the beginning that it is a labour of love with costs nobody can really understand. Your pleas have been ignored, possibly because they think you are perhaps a band, not all alone.
    On the other hand the truthstream news that I.U. imparts essentially highlights that all is not well, we are being lied to, and we are all at a precipice, so must conserve in preparation for whatever unknown catastrophe awaits.
    Conversely, you have a regular following of over 300 loyal daily viewers who could easily afford $5/month which would pay for the site, but despite your pleas, they have chosen other priorities, but when you do give up, it will be far more time consuming for them to capture the equivalent concentration of real news they want.
    Five bucks a month is sod all to those who want truth.
    Finally, I will keep in touch and in the meantime hope that good human nature prevails in this era of growing censorship, especially after they see how google, youtube, Facebook and Twitter are working for the deep state to hide truth and reality.
    Again, five bucks a month is nothing to the thinking truth seekers.

    • To Squodgy,

      Yes, I.U. could easily be (or have been) a totally sustainable and all benefitting project.

      I believe/know that there are many reasons why I.U. is getting not enough support.

      And yes, I am doing this ‘all alone’ and it is a lot of work.

      All the best.

  2. I caught a cold with one site I had grown attached to which asked for donations.
    They used an outfit called

    So I signed up thinking everything was ok.
    One month later I received an email from PATREON with an invoice for my ‘purchase of goods and services ‘ clearly showing my initial agreed donation had been converted into a purchase and had been increased by the applicable Value Added Tax of 20%.

    None of this was advised at the initial stages.

    I immediately complained at this “sharp practice” and was directed to a cancellation option which I followed.

    So, watch out for PATREON.

  3. And again…..
    If we just roll over to be tickled, we’ll deserve all the crap that George Orwell predicted.
    I must admit to being surprised the Health Ranger hasn’t already predicted this and taken the appropriate action by going to Vimeo, d.tube etc.
    Nevertheless, here’s another example of filtering snippets of news and research and knowledge which is for our good, which they obviously don’t want us to get hold of…..I wonder why?


  4. It seems jewtube has appointed two jew run organisations to filter all videos.

    The first is the well known promoters of the holohoax, tha ADL or Anti Defamation League.

    The second is the SPLC or Southern Poverty Law Center.



    David Icke had two events cancelled at short notice thanks to the English equivelant called Friends of Israel.

    It’s obvious the yids are waking up to the fact there is a growing unease over their disproportionate influence and control of our press, media, judiciary, finance and political system.
    If in doubt, ask “ who decides American Foreign Policy.

  5. And again…..more filtered news.
    We ALL know by now that 95% of the Mainstream Media of newspapers, TV news etc is owned by what we call Zionist jews.
    These people despise non Jews and have an agenda to push we goyim (that is their name for non Jews or gentiles) back into serfdom..
    I’ve witnessed it first hand, so know it is true.
    If they control all news we will be rendered impotent eunuchs, not ever knowing the truth, and not ever knowing how and where to find it.
    The evidence that they are moving towards a full propaganda brainwashing of the Facebook/Twitter/Youtube/Google//CNN/Fox etc dumbasses is as clear as day.
    We need independent news researchers more than ever.



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