Germany: Some politicians are demanding the AfD should be monitored by intelligence services. The Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution declared in February “no sufficient indications for a right-wing extremist endeavor” in the AfD.

My commentary at this article Supporting German families is “nazi” and “racist” say politicians:

Keep in mind that it is the German government that is controlling and running the NPD:

Every seventh NPD functionary working for the Protection of the Constitution:

On October 8, a hearing was held before the Federal Constitutional Court (BVG), which should clarify whether the proceedings to ban the far-right NPD can continue. The prohibition process was stalled because of the unexplained role of numerous V-men of the secret service.

It is all about … divide et impera! … and the destruction of Europe as planned by TPTB.

German Biker Gangs, “Hooligans” Attack Foreigners In Migrant “Manhunts”

“German Biker Gangs, “Hooligans” Attack Foreigners In Migrant “Manhunts””

Doing what TPTB want them to do, or better told them to do, as many of these gangs are financed by the state.

And not just those gangs & ‘hooligans’ are financed by the state …

Google translation:

Constitutional protection financed right-wing activities in Thüringen:

On May 12, reported the Thüringer Allgemeine, the country’s constitution protection authority Thüringen lead the neo-Nazi Tino Brandt for several years as a spy. During his activity as an agent Brandt had risen to deputy country head of NPD and co-founder of an extreme right-wing thugs called “Thuringian homeland security”, says the report. Under Brandt’s leadership the Thuringian homeland security grew into the most important neo-Nazi organization in the country. Within the Thüringer NPD these right-wing thugs won growing influence.

For his services he had received a “more than five-figure sum”, has been set up with inter alia the Homeland Security, Brandt said in an interview the Second German Television. “All the money has flowed into the political work,” said Brandt confidently and without camouflage before the camera. The funds of the secret service, for example, the production of leaflets for the general public campaign and other promotional campaigns were financed.

The country’s domestic intelligence President Thomas Sippel Reviewed in a MDR-interview the importance Brandts in the right scene with the words that he had played “even in the teeth of the NPD national association with the free Kameradschaften a major role” and was for the rights in Thuringia a ” important figure “.

On May 20, the news magazine Der Spiegel reported on further contacts of the secret to extreme right-wing leaders. A senior official of the banned skinhead group “Blood & Honour” from Gera, the second largest city in Thuringia, have also been on the payroll of the secret service.

An “excellent contacts with this organization” that has borrowed its name from a slogan of the Hitler Youth, is not disputed. Thuringia’s Minister of the Interior Christian Köckert (CDU) admitted: “We have had a good access able to Blood and Honour.”

This clearly is going way beyond just “surveillance“.

The German government on behalf of TPTB is running the entire show.

Divide et impera!


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