Migrant Crisis: Animals Are No Longer Safe in Europe!

At this point everyone has heard of rapes, acid attacks, stabbings and terror attacks but another worrying trend, which isn’t getting much attention is the recent increase of attacks on animals.

Last year on the 14th of November in Eutlingen Germany two Arab looking men(20-25) beheaded a Swan but not to eat it. They simply took the head and left the carcass. This is especially cruel if you consider that Swans mate for life! The men were overheard talking about wanting to kill one of the majestic animals by a witness.

On the 11th of February a Syrian threw a dog out of the third floor window because it annoyed him simply by being there. Even after all the medical measures were taken the dog died.

Germany however is not the only country experiencing worrying attacks on animals like this. In Austria, a pony was cut open on the field with a blade and before that alpacas and dogs were poisoned. Another attack with a knife on a dog took place just this week in Austria. The dog was probably only saved by the owner running out of the house to help it and take it to the vet.

A woman in Switzerland wasn’t so fortunate and lost all three of her dogs to treats that had razor blades and poison mixed into them. In all of these cases the perpetrators remain unknown for now.

Of course there have been attacks on animals before but nothing of the sort, that even zoo animals are no longer safe. A truly disturbing case took place in a petting zoo in Berlin. A Syrian man (23) was caught rapping a pony and noticed by other visitors with their children. He was only reported to police and given a ban from entering the zoo again.

Two especially cruel attacks on sheep in a petting zoo took place in Berlin. Two sheep were thrown over the fence and a pregnant animal was butchered. The other animal was injured and survived. Sadly this week it happened again. However this time two Romanians (29) were caught red-handed with a bloody knife and one of the sheep’s legs in their bag. It remains to be seen if they are also responsible for the previously butchered animal.

Some of these attacks may well have been carried out by native animal haters as there is no proof to the contrary. Nonetheless the attacks on the zoo animals and even the rape of a pony pose a worrying question. Might this be just another side effect of open borders, which we will be told we have to live with?

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