Egypt to Deport Russian Belly Dancer for Being Too Sexy (PHOTO, VIDEO)

Egypt to Deport Russian Belly Dancer for Being Too Sexy (PHOTO, VIDEO):

Egyptian authorities have decided to deport Russian belly dancer Ekaterina Andreeva from the country after finding her dancing to be “too provocative.”

Andreeva, known by her stage name “Gawhara” (“jewel” in Arabic), was detained on February 6 at a nightclub after multiple videos showing her performing in a belly dancing outfit had gone viral on social media platforms.

According to the investigators, Andreeva was charged with inciting debauchery by wearing an outfit deemed too revealing and provocative. Tourism and Antiquities Police stated that the 31-year-old performer was wearing a non-standard belly dancing costume and that her dance manner was arousing sexual instincts of young people.


According to Saleh, Egypt’s National Security Agency issued an order to deport Andreeva for threatening the country’s national security. She is now being held in a Cairo police station and should be sent back to Russia on Saturday.

H/t reader eric:

“As a kid visiting Turkey, I could never reconcile the islamic hypocrisy of covering women but permitting Belly Dancers.

Suppose Islam is just hypocritical, full stop.”

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