Washington’s hand involved in Iran protests: Analyst

Washington’s hand involved in Iran protests: Analyst:

An analyst suggests that the United States has been involved in the recent protests over economic issues in Iran because ever since the Islamic Revolution, Washington has been seeking to turn the country into a “vassal state.”

“We have heard [US President] Donald Trump and other American politicians but also American mainstream journalists showing support to the protesters in Iran and that is extremely disconcerting and I believe that the subversion threat in Iran backed by the Americans is all the more potent because of Donald Trump,” Marcus Papadopoulos, publisher and editor of Politics First told Press TV in an interview on Sunday.

“I do believe that there are some sincere protesters in Iran who do not want foreign intervention in their country but they want something to be done about the poverty but there are others of course who are following the orders of the Americans,” he added.

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California Prosecutes Man For Posting Anti-Muslim Messages On Facebook

California Prosecutes Man For Posting Anti-Muslim Messages On Facebook:

Authored by Anders Hagstrom via The Daily Caller,

California has leveled misdemeanor charges against 41-year-old Mark Feigin after he sent five anti-Muslim posts to the Islamic Center of Southern California’s (ICSC) Facebook page in 2016.

The California Attorney General’s office argues that his comments constituted “repeated contact by means of an electronic communication device” with “intent to annoy or harass,” a misdemeanor under California law, Reason.com reported Friday. California courts are scheduled to begin the trial Jan. 2, according to court records. Feigin admitted in October 2016 that he wrote the following comments between Sept. 17 and 25 of the same year.

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Brother Nathanael: Antisemitism In Hysterical Spin (Video)

Watch at BitChute: Antisemitism In Hysterical Spin (Video)

H/t reader squodgy:

“Strange, British Telecom have suddenly blocked Brother Nathaniel’s site on my ISP. Strange after 5 years with them and regularly visiting his site.

Smacks of jew interference, which also explains why he’s moved from jewtube to Bitchute.”



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