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“The Pharma label for the Australian Flu, H3N2, smacks of artificial genetic mutation, which can only originate from Government covert operation.

That’s not scaremongering, it’s fact.

It all started with the Spanish Flu, which was basic H1N1, and originated in Kansas, but naturally mutated to a more virulent strain, when carried to France at the end of WWl, resulting in the total World deaths of at least 50 million people.


There is no evidence that it was a deliberate plot. But the realisation of the potential for Biological warfare led to Porton Down, Fort Detrick and many other laboratories charged with weaponising viruses and bacteria.

Most outbreaks, such as Ebola and AIDS can be sourced to places which coincidentally are near a biological research lab.

Bird Flu, H5N1, raised interest for the Agenda 21 brigade when a few human fatalities occured in China over the millenium. Generally it wasn’t transferrable between humans.

Since then Government bodies have carried out mutation trials to create serious pandemic strains, initially to increase its rate of fatalities and then to modify it so it can be contagious between humans, the best and most destructive example being H7N9, created in Holland by Erasmus Labs for the CIA, which they claim is securely locked away.

I wonder where, and under who’s custody?


Always worth avoiding BigPharma if possible.


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