Pet vaccines are costly, toxic and dangerous – no WONDER pets die earlier now


Autism symptoms detected in vaccinated baby monkeys

Study: Baby Monkeys Given Standard Doses Of Popular Vaccines Develop AUTISM Symptoms


Pet vaccines are costly, toxic and dangerous – no WONDER pets die earlier now:

Could it be that most of your pet’s health problems are due to vaccines? Let’s examine the consequences of over-vaccinating your pet, and the pragmatics of this type of healthcare as it affects the pet and your bank account in ways you never imagined possible. Little did you know that pet vaccines create more problems than they solve. Every single vaccine can potentially start the clock for debilitating chronic diseases, allergies and disorders for your pet.

Though most veterinarians will tell you that adverse reactions to vaccines by your pet are much less likely than with humans, that’s simply not true. It’s not uncommon for pets to experience severe health reactions shortly after being vaccinated, and these can continue onward for weeks, months, and even years, including oral ulcers, lethargy, hair loss, immunosuppression, behavioral changes, respiratory disease, facial edema, weight loss, sarcomas, anaphylaxis, autoimmune hemolytic anemia, arthritis, and yes, abortion. Then there’s the cost of these torturous, experimental and unsafe vaccinations.

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