Netherlands: Refugee rapes Dutch teen girl in Nijmegen

A refugee has raped a 15-year-old Dutch girl, after she left a train with him at Nijmegen-Lent station.

According to Dutch media, they smoked some pot in June this year and then went to the house of a friend of the man. After the friend left the house, the 20-year-old refugee started to harass the girl on a bed, even though she clearly said she didn’t want to be touched.

Although the girl resisted heavily and elbowed him, he continued sexually assaulting her. After a while, he raped the young girl. A housemate told the police he clearly heard the girl saying: “Don’t do it, it hurts!”

The refugee was sentenced to 20 months in prison eleven days ago. The prosecutor blamed the man for abusing a young and vulnerable girl who didn’t have any prior sexual experience.

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