A Serpent Raises its Head in Georgia: Is this Evidence of an Aztec Connection?

In Georgia… very fitting!

A Serpent Raises its Head in Georgia: Is this Evidence of an Aztec Connection?:

A recently discovered artifact in Northern Georgia is a testament to the importance of religious art in the spiritual lives of the area’s ancient Indigenous residents. What can such an oddly placed find tell us about the culture from which it came? Might its uncanny resemblance to serpent effigies found in Aztec culture indicate about the reach of ancient cultures in North America?

Serpent’s Creation

Sculpted in Georgia Conglomerate, the exquisite 7.8 pound (3.53 kg) piece shows that the sculptor exercised great care in its execution. When asked how long such a piece would take to complete, distinguished Chicago wildlife sculptor Walter Arnold shares that “if he stuck with it”, it could have been completed in 1 ½ weeks, but added it would depend upon the hardness of the conglomerate. Two curious features that leave one to ponder their purpose or significance, are the are exacting bilateral symmetrical cuts on the fangs and the protruding funnel shaped non-snake like tongue.

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