10 Injured After Explosion In St. Petersburg Shopping Mall “Mass Homicide Attempt”

10 Injured After Explosion In St.Petersburg Shopping Mall “Mass Homicide Attempt”:

A week after Russian President Putin thanked US President Trump and the CIA for their warnings about a possible terror attack in St. Petersburg, TASS reports that an explosion in a storage locker in a busy supermarket in St. Petersburg has left 10 injured and dozens more evacuated.

Officials are treating the investigation as a potential mass homicide attempt.

Sources told local media that the explosion was equivalent to 200g of TNT.

The explosion occurred on Wednesday evening in the Perekrestok store in the shopping center on Kondratyevsky Avenue in the northern part of St. Petersburg. As reported by TASS in the main department of the Ministry for Emergency Situations in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region, the place is pulled by the operational forces, the evacuation of the building has already been carried out.

“There was a clap in the building, the rescuers are already working on the spot, the evacuation is made, there is no fire,” the administration said.

The strength of the explosion is unknown.

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