2 thoughts on “Tropopause Freeze Anomaly, Sparkler Electrical Storms & 1880’s Temperatures (Video) – #GrandSolarMinimum, #ClimateChange”

  1. Yes, we are definitely experiencing more cloud, but here in U.K., we’ve had this for eight years, since they started chemtrailing with a vengeance.
    I’m getting vibes about DuByne’s TOTAL failure to refer to chemtrails or even GEO-Engineering, both admitted by Government as active climate interference.

    • To Squodgy,

      Suspicious, indeed.

      David told us (in another video) that billions of people will die until 2030, possibly already until 2024, but he also believes that cryptos will enable one to survive and buy stuff?


      He also believes that one could thrive through theses times and that people will come together & help each other (how is that going to work out when billions are dying?????).

      Maybe he has read way too many (Illuminati/Rothschild created and sponsored) esoteric books?

      And again, Alois Irlmaier had a clear vision of how humans will treat each other during these times.

      There will be mass starvation (also due to civil war and WW3) and people will steal and loot that it will be a total disgrace.


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