Catalan parties make final appeals to undecided voters

Catalan parties make final appeals to undecided voters:

BARCELONA, Spain (AP) — Party leaders and politicians made last-ditch appeals to undecided voters in Spain’s Catalonia region Tuesday ahead of an election that polls indicate could be a close race between supporters of secession and political rivals who want to remain part of the country.

With opinion polls suggesting that more than 20 percent of the region’s 5.5 million-strong electorate were undecided about who to support in Thursday’s election, the final campaign rallies set out clear battle lines.

Ciutadans (Citizens) party leader Ines Arrimadas, the leading regional presidential candidate opposing independence, said she would bury the region’s secession ambitions if she wins Thursday’s election.

“On Thursday, we are going to awaken from this nightmare of the independence push,” Arrimadas, a 34-year-old lawyer, told a crowd of supporters. Former regional President Carles Puigdemont, the ousted separatist leader evading Spanish justice in Brussels, vowed to return to Catalonia if he’s re-elected. He depicted the vote as a showdown with Spain’s conservative Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy, who removed Puigdemont’s government from office to block Catalan independence.

H/t reader squodgy:

“It’s hotting up again, but now all Europe is focused on it, it is my humble opinion the powers that be, ie the bankster cabal, won’t want to risk another Brexit type embarrassment, so it is odds on ways are in place to ensure the Catalonians stay on board….but with a theoretical 20% undecided, it will be interesting.
Either way, democracy is dead. If Spanish status quo wins then nothing changes, if the Catalonian’s vote fo independance they will be brutally crushed.”

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