UK Column News – 15th December 2017 (Video)

UK Column News – 15th December 2017:

START – Theresa May to focus on Brexit transition agreement
02:11 – Mogherini’s EU military: a global security provider…
07:54 – RAF has a new Qatari wing: meet 12 squadron
09:28 – Behavioural change in the NHS: a force for good or not…?
UK Column analysis with Dr Graham Downing
26:53 – BBC uses RIPA terrorism laws to catch TV licence fee “dodgers”
30:53 – Child sexual abuse: Shatterboys UK revisited
37:50 – Scottish economy growth estimates below 1% until 2022…
39:31 – BBC fake news: Russia – a ‘new risk’ to undersea cables…

H/t reader squodgy:


We reallt do have a serious problem with the BigPharma bulldozer.”

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