UK: Armed Forces crisis: Army to go without VITAL equipment in ‘£10 BILLION cash shortfall’

Armed Forces crisis: Army to go without VITAL equipment in ‘£10billon cash shortfall’:

PLANS to boost the Armed Forces with a raft of new naval vessels, armoured vehicles and spy planes will not happen without a £10billion cash injection, MPs said last night.

The sum is needed to honour ministers’ commitment to build or buy three logistic ships, eight Type 26 Global Combat ships, new mechanised infantry vehicles and nine Boeing P-8A Maritime Patrol aircraft.But a new report claims the cost will not be covered by £178billion of defence spending over the next 10 years pledged by the Government.

First Sea Lord Admiral Sir Philip Jones has appointed the head of the Royal Marines, Major General Rob McGowan, to fight Treasury mandarins for the extra money.

The choice of Maj Gen McGowan is significant as the Royal Marines stand to lose more than 1,500 troops as part of the ongoing National Security and Capability Review.

Based in Portsmouth, he will head a 20-strong team to persuade the Treasury to detach the cost of replacing the Trident nuclear deterrent from the defence budget and halt the scuttling of two Royal Navy amphibious landing vessels.In a letter to Royal Marines staff, he wrote: “I want to reassure you all that I am personally engaged in this review process and we have some of our best people working on it.”

Of the £178billion committed by the Government over the next decade, £82billion will pay for new equipment and £23.4billion on support arrangements for it.

A further £67.2billion will go to support existing in-service kit while £5.4billion will be retained to cover contingencies.

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