POLITICO: Let Refugees Work at European Commission

POLITICO: Let Refugees Work at European Commission:

Newly arrived migrants would be helped better integrate if they were given jobs assisting in the governance of Europe, POLITICO has claimed.

POLITICO writes:

Since the peak of the migration crisis that hit Europe in the summer of 2015, there has been a surge of interest and activity around ways to improve the labor market integration of refugees. From tech and telecommunications companies such as Siemens and Deutsche Telekom to the international retail powerhouse IKEA, a small but growing number of firms are adapting existing traineeship programs to include language courses and integration packages tailored to refugees.

These social innovations are most difficult to find, however, in the places where they might be most expected — in the halls of government and the international organizations and institutions working on asylum and international protection.

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), for example, offers several unpaid six-month internships. These openings are promoted as opportunities for interns to help refugees, but do not prioritize refugee applicants.

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