Sweden Raises Retirement Age… To Cope With Immigration! – #MigrantCrisis

Sweden Raises Retirement Age – to Cope With Immigration!:

The retirement age for Sweden’s pension funds will eventually rise to 69 due to the Muslim immigration boom in the country.

In short, the country is spending so much money on migrant welfare that it can no longer properly fund the pensions for native retirees.

Swedish media, which typically downplays immigration pitfalls, actually admitted the rise in the retirement age would result in “a major deterioration” of the quality of life for Swedes.

According to Epressen.se (translated into English):

Sweden’s need for welfare increases faster than our revenues.

Then the Minister of Finance, Magdalena Andersson, raises the height of retirement age.

“Looking at those who start working at 30, there should be opportunities to work longer than 65,” says Magdalena Andersson to Dina Pengar.

Andersson also implied the elderly will just need to “suck it up” to help out migrants:

She believes that there must be an attitude change in the elderly in the labor market.

“Those who are high up in the ages will have the opportunity to work longer,” says the finance minister.

Friatider.se (also translated into English) was even more frank with the news:

The minimum age for obtaining general pension will be increased gradually from 61 years, as it is today, to 64 years in 2026.

You should, therefore, be able to retire at the age of 64 at the earliest. In addition, employees must be entitled to work for 69 years.

“As we live longer, we also have to work longer if pensions can continue to grow. This agreement is an important step towards longer working life and thus higher pensions and more resources for welfare, “said the Alliance parties’ four representatives in the Pension Group in a statement.

But what it really is about is the big immigration to Sweden. This was reported Sweden’s municipalities and county councils (SKL) in its financial report earlier years.

Sweden is now officially a cuckolded country: not only are military-age migrants raping Swedish girls with impunity (the country’s rape rates is second only to South Africa) but now Swedes are expected to work until nearly 70 to pay for the freeloading migrant lifestyle.

Maybe Sweden should just go ahead and adopt an Islamic national flag as 4Chan suggested.



Prepare for financial collapse and all-out civil war,…

… because its coming and much, much worse…

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