Beet Juice Boosts Cognitive Function In One Dose

Beet juice increases the reduced oxidation inside the cancer cell 4-10 fold! Dr. Wassiljew and others have found that the active ingredient here seems to be the pigment. An analog effect is found with the pigment in blueberries, black currant, grape juice and St John’s wort (Hypericum perforatum). There is a discussion whether to use the fresh juice or the stale juice, because the stale juice seems to be more tolerable to the stomach. BUT the fresh juice contains 2.5 ties more active oxygen, than the stale juice and the easy absorbable iron in the fresh beet juice has turned into inactive iron in the stale juice. The solution is to mix the fresh beet juice with other juices and to increase the volume very slowly according to tolerance. How much? Dr. Wassiljewa recommends to drink 600g stale beet juice per day in equal portions in 4 hour intervals and one time at night. Galina Schatalova says that if you can’t tolerate the juice, then you may start with as little as a teaspoon and slowly increase the volume, which is exactly what I recommend to do. Carrots are mild cleaners, beets are strong cleaners.

Beet Juice Boosts Cognitive Function In One Dose

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