Polish reject ‘EU OCCUPATION’: Voices rise for Polexit as Brussels ‘REGRESSING’ nation

Polish reject ‘EU OCCUPATION’: Voices rise for Polexit as Brussels ‘REGRESSING’ nation:

A GENERATION of Poles frustrated with the European Union are calling for an end to the economic bloc and for Poland’s immediate withdrawal from the EU.

Poland’s seemingly steadfast relationship with the is growing increasingly uncertain as more Poles see injustices of the economic bloc.

Frustrated young people are struggling to come to terms with the rules imposed by Brussels’ unelected elite of bureaucrats.

A conflict of interests over migrant quotes, internal affairs and environmental laws has pushed many to call for an immediate end to the ‘EU occupation’.

The growing disdain comes of the back off EU’s top leaders threatening earlier this year to strip Poland of its voting rights if it does not fall in line with the rest of the bloc.

Krzysztof Kowalczyk, a 24-year-old sales representative agreed that is is now time to dismantle the archaic institution.

He told Express.co.uk: “I don’t see any sense or any positive aspect to the existence of this bureaucratic creation.

“I think that Europe could benefit greatly from a free and open market within the borders of the continent. Unfortunately under the EU’s occupation, Europe is not developing. Eurosocialism is regressing us.”

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