Australia: Snow In Tasmania On 1st Day Of Summer

Snow in Tasmania on 1st day of summer:

Trees down, roads closed. No power, no water, no phones, no mobiles.

2 Dec 2017 – SNOW has fallen in Tasmania’s Highlands as wild weather has stuck the state.

Owners of the Great Lakes Hotel posted images on Facebook after noticing a power problem during the night.

“Nice surprise- just stuck my nose out to see why the power flickered. SNOW now back to bed for me,” the post said.

It was still snowing at 7am.

A different post said, “We have had some serious issues in the Great Lake area. Snow has caused a lot of trees down, roads closed. No power, no water. No phones, no mobiles. Overnight the roads have cleared but still a lot of trees down.

Lots of photos:

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