Are We Headed For A Major Glaciation?

Headed for a major glaciation?:

“It is very likely that we are towards the end of a short warm period between major glaciations,” writes Mario Loyola on 

“Most people don’t realize that the last 9,000 years have been uncharacteristically stable compared to the violent climate changes in the 9,000 years before that,” says Loyola.

“18,000 years ago, the state of Wisconsin was under nearly two miles of ice. Average temperatures were 40 degrees Farenheit lower than they are today, when they suddenly began to soar.

“The glaciers that covered most of the northern hemisphere started melting away, and never stopped melting. Ocean levels rose 300 feet between 15,000 and 8,000 years ago; that’s less time than between Sumerian civilization and the present day.

See entire, entitled: “Is Anything Wrong With Natural, Non-Man-Made Climate Change?”

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