Find North using a Wrist-watch and the Sun – Navigation without a Compass (Video)

Something I missed out: At 12oclock the hour hand is on 12, so there’s no angle to bisect, well the sun at 12oclock is /usually directly south, so the 12 oclock mark itself is your north/south line. Although you could also just wait half an hour and you’ll have an angle to bi-sect. Such an important skill, make sure you have this skill under your belt. 2eZ If you carry a functioning analog wrist watch, then you can use it to find your north & south line. A little known trick, but very handy. Hold your watch flat and point the hour hand towards the sun. Bisect the angle between the hour hand and the twelve o’clock mark to get the north-south line. North will be the direction furthest from the sun. You can also use a digital wrist watch, but you have to create imaginary clock hands. Alternatively, you can arrange sticks in a way that will mimic the face of an analog watch. Position the sticks to represent the current time. Note: This method only works in the Northern Hemisphere. If you are in the Southern hemisphere, then point the twelve o’clock mark towards the sun. The mid point between twelve o’clock mark and the hour hand will be your north south line. North will be the direction FURTHEST away from the sun.

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