Eric Clapton: “Maybe the guitar is over”

Eric Clapton: “Maybe the guitar is over”:

Eric Clapton, put on the spot by a Billboard journalist during a recent press conference, has posited that the guitarist’s days may be numbered.

In a lighthearted exchange, the guitar hero was informed of figures found in a Washington Post article entitled While Why My Guitar Gently Weeps, published 22 June, which reported a fall of approximately 33% in annual guitar sales across the last decade.

“I didn’t realise it was that bad,” said Clapton. “My kids listen to classic rock, but that may only be because of me, because that’s what I’ve played to them. I mean, from the time of their conception, they’ve been listening to music through the womb. I played them playlists, just brainwashed my kids, and at the back of it was always the guitar or some kind of solo instrument or a singer.

H/t reader kevin a:

“People are getting dumber, there unable to play, plus white people play guitar.”

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2 thoughts on “Eric Clapton: “Maybe the guitar is over””

  1. My godson teaches guitar & has made a steady income for twenty years. I was in our local town recently & there were two young lads in early teens doing a blues/rock session, alternating rhythm & lead.
    It was great to listen to, and people were throwing money at them….but as you say, it was mainly from silvertops.
    Perhaps the person to ask is arch satanist and guitar genius Jimmy Page, the owner of much collectible Aleister Crowley paraphernalia, but also who runs the annual Riffathon competition to encourage youngsters to take up the guitar.
    He’ll be the man.


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