Bitcoin Surges Near $8000 Record Highs After Venezuela Default

Bitcoin Surges Near $8000 Record Highs After Venezuela Default:

We have already discussed the hyperbitcoinization of the Venezuelan economy and it appears, judging by the most recent surge, that tonight’s ‘official’ default events for the sovereign (and PDVSA) have triggered a further rush to the ‘safety’ of a decentralized store of wealth…

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1 thought on “Bitcoin Surges Near $8000 Record Highs After Venezuela Default”

  1. Looks like they’re prioritising their debt by re-arranging things with creditors they feel they’ll need in the future.
    Rejection of America, who merely rape countries on behalf of bankers, is understandable, but that leaves China, Russia and the odd rebellious European renegade to climb aboard with the know incentive that they will be entitled to be involved in part of the biggest oil reserves in the world.


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