Sweden: Grain harvest destroyed by snow

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Grain harvest destroyed by snow:

Large quantities of cereals have not been harvested in the northern parts of the country due to persistent rainfall.

Now much of the grain has been destroyed since the snow has come, according to the National Federation of Farmers (LRF), reports Sweden’s Radio Ekot. It’s too late to drive the combine harvester.

– The jump was the last one who abandoned one, but when it came snow and the grain was depressed. Then there’s no save anymore, “said Leif Lindgren, a farmer outside Vännäs in Västerbotten, to SR.

In Västerbotten, the grain is worth several million crowns that have been destroyed, according to Lotta Falkesson at LRF.

“The crop harvest is catastrophic. You can hardly talk about any harvest at all. Some have been able to reap but it’s an incredibly tough place, she says to Ekot.

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