US seeks to drive a wedge between Syria, Iraq: Analyst

US seeks to drive a wedge between Syria, Iraq: Analyst:

An academic believes the United States will resort to new tactics to drive a wedge between Syria and Iraq, which are fighting Washington’s attempts to impose its hegemony in the Middle East following Iraqi forces’ gains in the city of al-Qaim in the western Anbar province.

“So I believe that this is a major achievement, but I still believe that we might see new surprises presented to us by the United States because Daesh at one point was mainly running in favor of US geopolitical objectives in the region to [drive] a wedge between Syria and Iraq, which are both trying to fight American influence and hegemony in the region,” Jamal Wakim, a professor at the Lebanese International University told Press TV in an interview on Friday.

H/t reader squodgy:

“One can only presume the cabal haven’t quite given up on their plan to oust Assad.”

… and also not on their master plan to stage another world war.

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2 thoughts on “US seeks to drive a wedge between Syria, Iraq: Analyst”

  1. Stephen Lendman rightly exposes the ominous silence.

    The UN, NATO & above all America/UK have been poking sticks at Vlad for over five years now…

    Libya (he was kept out of the loop), Syria, Iraq, Ukraine and the perennial target Iran.
    …and he has successfully defused them all.

    He has since stated he has had enough of the American deceit, and next time we assume he will bite back.



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