Leaked recording by alleged German Police trainer: ‘Immigrant recruits are hateful and violent, they are the enemy’


Leaked recording by alleged German Police trainer: ‘Immigrant recruits are hateful and violent, they are the enemy’:

German news agency WELT N24 on 1 November reported on an anonymous audio recording, causing an uproar within the Berlin police force. According to the recording, by a man claiming to be a teacher at the Police Academy, the classes are filled with hate and violence. This is said to be emanating from the immigrants in class. The recording has been obtained by WELT, but the agency says it cannot guarantee its authenticity. Audio recording by an allegedly German Police trainer: ‘Immigrant recruits are hateful and violent, they are the enemy’.

In the recording, the man talks about hate, intolerance, refusal to learn and violence in the Berlin Police Academy of Spandau.

I have taught in the Police school. I have never experienced something like it. The classrooms looked like shit, half of the pupils Arabs and Turks, impudent little shits. Couldn’t express themselves verbally.

He said he was “actually frightened by them” and that his colleagues said they were threatened with physical violence. The complaint of the – supposed – teacher culminated in the complaint that:

This will become a second-rate Police force, that will be corrupt. (…) These are not colleagues, they are the enemy. They are the enemy within.

The leadership of the Berlin Police has meanwhile confirmed WELT’s possession of the recording. Police Commissioner Klaus Kandt confirmed, when asked, that he been confidentially given the same recording in the week before the WELT publication by an employee.

In response, the Head of the Police School was asked to clarify the facts and situation in that class. Without jumping to conclusions, it is my firm belief that the task of the Police Academy is to socialise its pupils in such a way, that they are disciplined, polite and treat each other in a appreciative manner, just as they would their superiors, and the people in town.

The Police Union (GdP) informed WELT that they were aware of the problems, but that they couldn’t act without a concrete lead. Even after multiple calls for information, nobody came forward, says GdP spokesman Benjamin Jendro:

We know this recording and are concerned about it, because it’s not the first commentary on the Academy, that points at the same problems. Our problem is, however, that nobody has come to us. So we have nothing concrete, just hearsay.

Jendro does note that the accusations are usually the same and involve people with an immigration background. Nonetheless, nothing has been directly reported with any of the Police Unions in Berlin. There was just one case, in which it was proven that the accusations made could not be true. Despite this, Jendro calls on all who know anything about the matter, to report with one of the Unions.

Marcel Luthe, the spokesman for the Berlin faction of the FDP, blames the problems on a downgrade of the standards with the Berlin Police. He blames “the complete lack of ideas” of the Deputy-Chief of Police, responsible for the selection of personnel, saying that these are the first results of her bad policies:

“The Goal should be to select the best of a year out of the new recruits, not just take what is offered. Additional language and cultural qualifications are wonderful, but not as a replacement for the minimum requirements of good knowledge of the German language and manners. Those who lack these requirements, simply  have no place within the Berlin Police.

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